Tru-Test XR5000

Tru-Test XR5000

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Item #: xr5000
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Capture the wide range of animal information you need to help you make the right decisions. Use it to quickly identify poor performing animals, optimize your breeding program and catch animal health issues early. *

~ Description ~

Tru-Test’s unique Superdamp™ weighing technology has proven itself for speed and accuracy since it was developed 10 years ago. Combined with a rugged design, suitable for even the most extreme outdoor environments, Tru-Test’s weigh scale indicators have earned a global reputation as the animal weight capture and data management solution. And now we have developed the next generation. The 5000 series. The XR5000 is faster to set up and access information, with a revolutionary screen that is clearly visible in the pasture and pens (even in the harshest sunlight). It also has more options to speed up data transfer and increased storage capacity. It’s never been easier to track the performance of your animals and make better informed decisions.
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~ Pictures ~

~ Features ~

  • Store up to 1 million records in 1000 weighing sessions. For each animal you can record up to 100 pieces of information.
  • Track performance through a range of features to calculate and visualize the performance of individual animals or groups.
  • Sort animals into predefined groups based on weight or other criteria. Up to 10 groups can be created.
  • Simple and fast to setup with predefined setups or save your own setups to easily switch between jobs.
  • More data transfer options. Quickly transfer information using your mobile and/or tablet device(Android or Apple), USB flash drive or computer(Microsoft Windows).
  • Clearly see the screen even in bright sunlight with unique 7" transflective screen technology.
  • Tru-Test’s unique Superdamp(TM) III technology locks onto the weight of a moving animal faster than any other indicators on the market.
  • Quick access keys and keypad avoids obscuring screen with dirty fingers.
  • Use the pre-defined setups or save your own setups to easily switch between jobs. Built-in step-by-step instructions and pop-ups help provide on-the-spot support if needed.

~ Specs ~

  • Battery Life: 10 hrs with backlight on 13 hrs with backlight off(in daylight)
  • Connect to other equipment, link wirelessly or by cables to other devices such as Electronic ID readers, auto drafters/sorters, barcode scanners, printers and more.
  • Size: 10 1/4" x 9" x 2 1/2"
  • Weight: 3.85 lbs

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