Wishbone Carriage - Model SC13

MSRP: $884
Item #: sc13ca
UPC: 726237133815
This carriage is specifically made to fit the Model SC13 squeeze chute and comes with appropriate receiver attachments for a quick and easy connection. *

~ Description ~

Priefert’s wishbone carriage is simply the easiest one-man chute loading system on the market. This innovative carriage makes moving your Model SC13 Squeeze Chute a snap, allowing you to quickly transport your chute from one location to another to work multiple herds. Attaching the carriage to the chute is simple, just lift the tongue of the carriage and roll it toward the rear of the chute until you are able to insert the axel tabs into the receiver. Once the axle tabs are engaged, push down on the carriage to lock it into place and secure with pins. Now the tongue of the carriage can be lifted with the assistance of the included jack and attached to the 2” receiver ball on your vehicle for quick and easy transport.
* Product may vary from information, pictures, or videos shown. Please consult Priefert for more information.

~ Pictures ~

~ Product Videos ~

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~ Features ~

  • Wishbone Carriage is the easiest means of moving Priefert’s SC13 Squeeze Chute.
  • Carriage can be easily attached or removed from the chute by one man.
  • Carriage connects to a 2” ball coupler for easy transport.
  • The included jack and carriage receiver are designed to work specifically with the loading and unloading of the Model SC13 Squeeze Chute.

~ Specs ~

  • Length: 150”
  • Width: 85”
  • Weight: 291 lbs (All weights approximate)
  • Available with mounted used tires (SC13CAWT) or without (SC13CA)
  • 2” ball coupler
  • Includes necessary chute receiver and jack for use with Model SC13 Squeeze Chute
  • Inflate tires to 12lb maximum pressure
  • Color: Blue (Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish)

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