Speed Williams - World Champion Team Roper

Speed Williams

Speed Williams - World Champion Team Roper

Priefert Testimonial
"I've been using Priefert equipment for 20 years, it's the best in the business, in my opinion."

Today, Speed's focus is on his kids and being able to stay home with his family, rather than a being a full time pro competitor. Speed officially retired in 2009 from chasing the Gold Buckle in the PRCA, but still travels the big jackpots and a few rodeos. He is now turning his attention and passion to his family and to teaching people how to win.

Speed was asked to do roping schools all over the world, but realized that he couldn't possibly meet all the requests that were rolling in, so he launched SpeedRoping.com - an "out of the box" online video training center. Speed has always done stuff a little different! The site houses a huge and still growing video library of rare footage of Speed's personal practice sessions, rodeo runs, family, friends and students. There are over 150 videos to date and the number grows all the time.

Many videos are voiced over, and many are broken down with slow motion and freeze frames to really enhance the users' ability to learn. The library is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and videos can be viewed over and over at your convenience. Speed has set up his site so new members can come in and take a "free" look around. There are over 25 "free" videos available, and, if you like what you see, you can upgrade to a paid subscriber at anytime, choosing from one of the two subscription levels.

Speed's goal for the site is to eventually have a video for every topic that comes up in team roping. The library already holds some impressive titles such as, "How to Reach," "Speed and Rich Practicing Going Fast," "George Strait Top 50," "Working a Heel Horse and Trying to Rope" and much more!

"My sights may have changed in the roping game," says Speed. "I would not call it retirement, just a change in priorities! If I did not have two little kids, I would still be going up and down the road competing. My goal is to stay home with my family and still be able to teach. I am pouring the same passion I have had for competing into video teaching, and it is really turning out successful! My mission is to lead the way in my online video training center and offer the most complete team roping training library on the net! I want to pass all my knowledge I have gained winning those 8 world champion titles to you, and save you some of the frustration I have had to endure in my career as a PRCA Cowboy. I am not new to teaching, I have been doing roping schools for several years now, and teaching with video and voice over is no different. If you can learn by watching video and seeing in slow motion what you need to do, then you need to give these training videos a try. Whether it's the way you practice, the way you ride your horse, or the way you rope the dummy that keeps you from winning, I am confident that I can help you."

If you want that extra edge in the arena, you should stop by Speed's Training Center and check things out! The testimonials are pouring in with rave reviews.

Priefert is proud to count Speed as one of our outstanding endorsees.