Ramon Becerra

Ramon Becerra - Horseman

Exclusive Trainer for Shania Twain: You're Still the One

Ramon Becerra has been involved with horses all of his life. He came to the U.S. touring with Casa Domecq of Mexico. His first experience was performing at Madison Square Garden and he has been performing ever since. After their tour of the U.S., Ramon moved to the United States and worked for world renowned Edith Evans at the Kingdom of the Dancing Stallions in Los Angeles, CA. He soon met John and Bo Derek. After a few years of persuasion, Ramon finally came to the Santa Ynez Valley to train horses for the Dereks. Almost 30 years since his move to Santa Ynez, Ramon is still performing for the camera and live shows all over the world; and still calls the Valley home. He has also recently launched a line of saddles and tack: Santa Ynez Saddlery.

While classically trained, what makes Ramon's horsemanship so unique is his love for many disciples, including reining, liberty, circus, classical dressage and anything else he can think of. He often combines movements from various styles into one act to create something challenging and entertaining. This is why he prefers to call his style of riding and training "artistic equitation"; it is his goal to bring out the best in the individual horse but also create something beautiful to behold.

Ramon is also well known for providing beautiful horses for print and film. His horses have been riden and handled by many for various projects including: Kelly Le Brock, Daryl Hannah, Bo Derek, John Corbett, Shania Twain, Salma Hayek, Gisele Bundchen, Jack In The Box, just to name a few. His next adventure takes him to Las Vegas where his horses will be in Shania Twain's show in the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace.

He regularly donates his time for charities such as Fiesta of the Spanish Horse (cancer research), Viking Charities (medical charities) and various therapeutic riding programs throughout Southern California.