Mike Branch - Horseman

Mike Branch

Mike Branch - Horseman

Mike Branch has traveled with the Bureau of Land Management all over the eastern United States at various wild mustang adoptions to give demos on the gentling process of the untamed horse. Many times, Mike has had wild mustangs saddled and ridden in less than one to two hours.

Mike Branch was also invited to Brandon, MB Canada, in 2008 to compete in their first ever "Road to the Horse" type event, where he went up against the four time cowboy hall of famer Mel Hyland, Mike and Mel are now great friends (it doesn't matter who won, it's about the horse).

In March 2009, Mike was invited to England to meet some of the wild pony societies there and to see if he could do anything with an Exmoor pony that had been deemed "unbackable" by three professional trainers. Mike took on this challenge, was on the pony in an hour, and was asked to come back and do clinics and demos from Devon in the South of England to North Umberland in the north. Mike now makes an annual trek to England to share his knowledge there.

Mike has also been featured on BBC television show "Edwardian Farm", where he demonstrated his wild horse gentling techniques with a wild Dartmoor pony. He has been featured on BBC radio, and received formal introductions to members of the royal family in the United Kingdom.

Mike has written the book and DVD series; "Getting Started Naturally...your colts first ride", as well as produced two other DVD's. Mike is also a columnist for three equine magazines, one of which is a Canadian publication.