Michael Richardson - Horsemanship Training

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson - Horsemanship Training

Michael Richardson offers a truly unique perspective on horse training. What he can achieve from a wheelchair inspires others to do more with what they have.

Michael and Tiffany Richardson have dedicated their lives to educate the equestrian public in proper horsemanship; focusing on the mind and body for all types of horses. Their focus typically includes the equipment that they use how it is beneficial for both the horse and the horse handler. In a typical clinic or demonstration, Michael explains why he selected Priefert as their choice of equipment to use while training horses or while schooling students during clinics.

Tiffany is an accomplished horseman (horsewoman) in her own right; she focuses on the Dressage and Eventing disciplines. She brings a lot to the program and helps broaden the appeal beyond just the Western market.

As youths, both Michael and Tiffany were involved with United States Pony Club where Tiffany received her A rating (the highest level an individual can achieve). Michael became more interested in competitive performance as well as starting and working with young horses. He works in the areas of: Biomechanics - emphasizing the way horses and humans move in unison; Behavior Psychology - helping riders with position, balance, rhythm and movement; and how the horses mind and emotion play a significant role in a horse and rider's development.

What sets Michael and Tiffany apart from the rest of the clinicians is that they have a unique unison, targeting not only the youth, but working within both Western and English disciplines. They are strong advocates of the youth organizations i.e. FFA, 4-H, USPC, etc. They strive to assist our dealers coordinate meetings to educate equestrians in advanced horsemanship and to help retailers increase their revenue. This in turn, comes down to increasing the public traffic to your store - through our seminars, advertisements, website and print material.