John Mitchell

John Mitchell - Horseman

John, a native Australian, has achieved the dual honor of earning his way into both the NCHA and the NCHA Australia halls of fame and has acquired more than $2.8 million in earnings. Involved with horses virtually all his life, John showed his first cutting horse at the young age of nine. As a teenager, he started breaking colts, training horses and working for a farrier. By the age of 18, he was training for the public. In 1986, John came to the United States to work with trainers Bubba and Nancy Cahill.

In 1997 John took a job as Manager and Head Trainer for Glade Knight at Slate River Ranch. Together, John and Glade formed a strong bond and built a highly successful training and breeding program. Slate River Ranch was named the Top Owner and Breeder for 2008 and 2010 and is the only ranch in cutting horse history to have achieved both these distinctions in the same year. A combined effort during their 14 year partnership saw them produce cutting horses that earned in excess of $3 million.

John worked for himself from 2011 to 2013 at his ranch near Witt, TX where he lives with his wife Hope, a noted non-pro rider and their two children. In 2014 John returned to Slate River to win both the NCHA Super Stakes Open and the NCHA Horse of the Year on Junie Wood.