Hadley Barrett

Hadley Barrett - Announcer

Priefert Testimonial
"Our 22 years of raising Golden Retrievers has been an amazing experience. We have found that PRIEFERT makes the perfect kennel for our operation. It is important to have comfort, durability, safety, and at various times isolation, to carry out our breeding program. We at Double B think it is the best on the market today!"

As one of the most well known voices of rodeo, Hadley Barrett has achieved recognition every announcer aspires to: 1999 Pro-Rodeo Hall of Fame; 2008 National Cowboy Hall of Fame, 2015 Rodeo Austin Hall of Fame, and Four time Announcer of the Year. In 2015, Hadley was featured in the NE Entertainment Publication as well as featured on the cover of Rodeo New magazine. Where do you go after that' -Hadley goes back to work!

For over 200 days of the year, Hadley Barrett lives his life loving what he does. Behind the microphones at some of the best rodeos in the country, Hadley describes the action with a golden voice that is distinctly his. With a deep understanding of the sport and a witty sense of humor, he relates every event with his entertaining insight and colorful commentary. Through both radio and television, audiences have benefited from the voice of Hadley Barrett. Today, Co-Producer and Co-Host of RFD-TV's Beyond Rodeo with Susie Dobbs, Hadley gets the opportunity to share the rodeo experience with millions of fans across the nation.

When home in Colorado, Hadley and his wife Lee keep busy producing some of the world's top family dogs. Their rare and beautiful Double B White Goldens Retrievers are ideally suited as dedicated companions and have been trained for therapy, seeing eye, and service dogs of all nature.

Priefert is proud to count Hadley as one of our outstanding endorsees.