Bobby Mote - World Champion Bareback Rider

Bobby Mote

Bobby Mote - World Champion Bareback Rider

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"Consistently the best equipment on the market!"

Throughout his career, Bobby has overcome numerous injuries to continue to participate in the sport he loves. These injuries have resulted in multiple surgeries, including a 2010 neck surgery to correct a narrowing of the spinal cord channel. Perhaps his earliest obstacle to overcome was being born with crooked legs and having to wear a splint at night, along with special shoes, to help straighten them out.

Bobby Mote is a 4-time World Champion Bareback rider. He has qualified for the WNFR 15 consecutive times with is first win coming in 2002, and subsequent wins in 2007, 2009, and 2010.

Bobby resides in Llano, Texas with his wife, Kate and their children: Charlie, Trey, and Laura. He trains performance horses for Reliance Ranches and serves as the president of the WCRA. In his spare time, Bobby enjoys horse training, roping, and fishing. Priefert is proud to count Bobby as one of our outstanding endorsees.