Baxter Black - Cowboy Poet & Entertainer

Baxter Black

Baxter Black - Cowboy Poet & Entertainer

Priefert Testimonial
"You're known by the company you keep. I found a friend in Priefert. It's a 3rd generation business that holds the values I think are what makes America great; God, country, family, hard work and caring about their neighbor. It's gonna be a pleasure to be part of what they stand for."

Baxter Black has been described by the New York Times as "...probably the nation's most successful living poet."

He was born in the last year of WW II in the Brooklyn Naval Hospital and continued to be a ramblin' man. He can claim to have lived in New York, West Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Hawaii, Idaho and Arizona.

After NMSU and CSU, he practiced Veterinary Medicine in Imperial Valley, CA and in the Northwest for large livestock operations for 13 years. Somewhere in the early 80's cowboy poetry hijacked his veterinary career.

He reluctantly confesses to his fellow vets that he didn't leave the profession on purpose! Regardless, he struck out and became full-throttle goin' down-the-road entertainer, speaking in every state but one (you can guess), and in Canada. His audience is primarily rural and agricultural; farmers and ranchers and those who serve them. They read his column, listen to his radio program and watch his tv programs represented under Coyote Cowboy Company Media.

During these 30 plus years, he has spoken at over 2,500 shows. Besides a loving family and a strong belief in God, he says the greatest blessing in his life is being able to be a part of the lives of country people who represent "Where Your Food Comes From."

He explains to the curious who asks the source of his apparently unending material that, "Every place I go, some farmer, cowboy, bronc rider, wife, rancher, team roper, tractor mechanic or Priefert salesman has a story that happened to them. They tell it to me. Then I take his story, turn it into a poem and put it in my column, on my radio program, my tv program, do it live on stage, put it in my book, CD or DVD then sell his story...back to him after the show! It just doesn't seem quite fair!"

Although Dr. Black has reduced his public appearances, his media business is thriving. Check out his website to see his columns, radio commentary, RFDtv and Cowboy Channel programs...and call for radio or TV commercial

Priefert is proud to count Baxter as one of our outstanding endorsees.