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These flexible poly blinders fit all models of Priefert squeeze chutes and help funnel cattle into the headgate by reducing visual distractions from outside the chute. *

~ Description ~

The difference that you see in a squeeze chute with these durable and flexible Blinders installed is literally “daylight and dark.” These Blinders (or Louvers as they are sometimes called) are designed to snap on to the side drop down bars of Priefert Squeeze Chutes at a 45 degree angle to the path that cattle will travel through the chute. Taking into consideration that cattle have a 300 degree line of sight, Blinders help to limit the peripheral view of cattle entering the chute. This shields cattle from distractions outside the chute that could cause them to balk or back up and funnels them directly toward the headgate opening. Blinders have been shown to improve livestock flow and lower the stress level for the cattle being worked. These Blinders are constructed from durable, “rubber like” cast polyurethane that is UV stable; so they are not only flexible and safe for use with livestock, but they are also rust and crack resistant.
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BLINDER10 Pack of 10 Blinders CALL
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~ Pictures ~

~ Product Videos ~

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~ Features ~

  • Blinders are designed to fit all Priefert Squeeze Chute Models, and easily snap on and off to provide animal access during cattle handling.
  • Blinders help block distractions outside the chute, guiding cattle to the opening of the headgate. This helps increase the ease and efficiency of cattle working and leads to lower stress levels for livestock.
  • Blinders are flexible and animal safe with no sharp edges or ridges to harm the cattle or chute operator.
  • Blinders are easily portable for use on different chutes or at different working facilities.
  • “Rubber like” cast polyurethane material is is UV stable, making it resistant to cracking.
  • We recommend 10 Blinders per chute (5 for each side). Pending the working facility design and personal preference/working style, more or fewer Blinders may be needed.

~ Specs ~

  • Dimensions: 24” tall x 6” wide x 2” thick
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs each (All weights approximate)
  • Color: Black
  • Constructed of “Rubber Like” cast polyurethane
  • Will fit onto any Priefert Squeeze Chute
  • Available as single blinder (BLINDER) or as a set of 10 (BLINDER10)

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