Mesa Pate - Stock Contractor

Mesa Pate

Mesa Pate - Stock Contractor

Mesa Pate was born and raised in the ranching community of Montana. Her life began on a ranch, and that way of life runs deep in her veins. Growing up her parents traveled the country putting on horse training demonstrations and clinics. Mesa and her brother, Rial, were home schooled from the backseat of a pick-up. Mesa was exposed to different people and cultures and all different types of cattle, horses and handling techniques from a very young age.

Curt Pate has created a name for the Pate's in the livestock industry by putting on low-stress livestock handling workshops and demonstrations. Through that, Mesa was exposed to a very innovative way of handling animals and practices that today. She is an advocate for animal welfare and is involved with working to create a healthier environment for livestock and to promote a good image for the livestock industry.

During her high school rodeo career, Mesa's idle interest in roughstock grew into a full blown obsession. In 2009, she made the move from Montana to Carthage, Texas on a rodeo scholarship to Panola College. It was then she dove head first into the bucking bull industry. Within a year, she had success when she by chance acquired the bull Highway 12. Highway 12 helped launch her into the PBR's spotlight. Highway 12 was a 2010 Bucking Bull of the Year finalist and a PBR short round bull. Since then, her career and reputation have grown and she continues to try and build her inventory of bulls. Her main priority is to never compromise the values her family stands for and to always put her animal's well-being above anything else.

The past years, Mesa has worked hard to establish herself in the bucking bull industry. She is fortunate to have a good set of bulls frequently used at Built Ford Tough events in both the long round and short round. She is focused on learning about all aspects of the job, from reproduction to nutrition and continuing to grow her business.

Mesa is a huge advocate of the correct way of handling cattle and applies those beliefs to her bulls. She will continue to haul and raise bulls, train horses, rodeo, ranch and write for a very long time!